real adult msn emotions
MSN Emoticons Installer

MSN Emoticons Installer 1.2

Developer MSN Tools Software

MSN Emoticons Installer allows you to install additional emoticons for MSN.

MSN Sniffer

MSN Sniffer 2.1

Developer EffeTech

MSN Sniffer is a program that captures MSN conversations.

Emotions and Moods

Emotions and Moods 1.0

Developer HiYah

This package contains most common emotions and their opposites.

EZ Emoticons

EZ Emoticons 3.0

Developer MSN Emoticons

The best Emoticon add-on for MSN Messenger 6 and 7!


Real Adult MSN Emotions

MSN Winks Installer

MSN Winks Installer 1.2

Developer MSN Tools Software

MSN Winks Installer allows you to install winks in MSN Messenger.

EtherBoss MSN Monitor, MSN Sniffer

EtherBoss MSN Monitor, MSN Sniffer 1.2

Developer EtherBoss MSN Monitor, MSN Sniffer

MSN Sniffer for your LAN 7 days a week, 24 hours a day!


Bandoo 8.0

Developer Discordia Limited

Bandoo gives you cool new ways to express yourself in Live Messenger.

Adult Emoticons and Avatars

Adult Emoticons and Avatars 5.0

Developer Sherv.NET

Great adult emoticons to send to your friends while chatting.

Emotions Display Pictures

Emotions Display Pictures 2.0

Developer Sherv.NET

This program will add more emotions to your MSN chats.

MSN Text Styler

MSN Text Styler 1.0

Developer Rick Betting

MSN Text Styler is an add-on of MSN Messenger.


Axmate 1.1

Developer Axmo Inc.

MSN, Yahoo & ICQ multi IM with P2P search & download from Kazaa, edonkey.


Emoticons 2.2

Developer Sagu Soft

Make your e-mail messages and forum postings.

Adult Photo Blanker

Adult Photo Blanker 1.7


Adult Photo Blanker.

REAL Server

REAL Server 2.3

Developer REAL Software, Inc.

REAL Server is the ideal database server for developers who want to convert.


Real Adult MSN Emotions

NGS MSN Sniffer

NGS MSN Sniffer 2.1


NGS MSN Sniffer is a powerful and real-in-time tool to intercept MSN messages.

Statware Basketball

Statware Basketball 6.0

Developer InstallShield

Real-time shot charts and on-screen statistic summaries.

Michael Jackson Icon Pack

Michael Jackson Icon Pack 2.0

Developer Sherv.NET

This program includes many emotions of Michael Jackson.

emWave PC

emWave PC 2.1

Developer hearthmath

Teaches techniques to help you create an optimal state of mind and emotion.

VT LifeSkills - Adult Options

VT LifeSkills - Adult Options 2.0

Developer Babcock

It is a unique and flexible adult guidance package.

Plug&Score 2010

Plug&Score 2010 2.3

Developer Alyuda

Plug&Score is real-time credit scoring system with customizable web.

Emotions en mi PC

Emotions en mi PC 2.0

MSN Adult Groups Toolbar

MSN Adult Groups Toolbar 6.5

Developer MSN Adult Groups

With MSN Adult Groups Toolbar you can manage and control your personal Profile.

GR88.COM Casino

GR88.COM Casino 6.0

Developer CTXM

With GR88 casino you can play all games that reside in a real life casino.

Paltalk Emotions 2012 & New Year

Paltalk Emotions 2012 & New Year 1.0

Developer AVM Software Inc.

Real Emotions M4

Real Emotions M4

Developer Name of your company

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